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bacterial infections and plants (and some additional info)

Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I am using the correct procedure.

My 400 liter (120 gallon) tank has been running since June 1999. About six
weeks later I had my first bacterial infection (a swortail had a big white
colouration on its transparent tail). Some weeks ago this happened again and
again I could
cure it with an antibacterial medicine (Flexicell). I have heard that my
corydoras may have short barbels due to an bacterial infection.

I have a densely planted tank. I change water twice a week by each time 60
liters (about 15 gallon). I hose off the gravel each week.  I grow all kinds
of plants. At the back of the tank I grow some waterpest (Egeria or Elodea)
behind the more sophisticated plants especially because it is said to have
an antibiotic effect. It grows fine, but I still seem to suffer from an
bacterial infection... The tankis 160 cm (divide by about 2,5 to get
theinches). All along the back line I have 1 stem of waterpest standing next
to each other.

In addition to my posting on bacterial infections and plants it occurred to
me that it may be relevant that my nitrate is between 10-15 ppm, my tapwater
PH is 8 (lowered by peat to 7,5), my natural KH is 10 (lowered by peat to
9). I use 400 gram highly activated carbon in my external Eheimfilter and
let it be in there for 2,5 month. I leave the peat in the filter for the
same period, but I never change both stuff in the same week in order not to
diminish my beneficient bacteriae. I rinse the other filter stuff (ceramic
rings, two blue Eheim sponges and two white 'fleece' Eheim sponges) every
two weeks.

I have 232 watts of tubes (so about 2 watts per gallon) and do not use CO2
injection. My plants do fine, though their growth is slowly. I hardly suffer
from algae. I seldom have obviously sick fish.

Should I grow even more waterpest or can you suggest other special plants?
Do you have any other suggestion to prevent this happening again?  Thanks
very much in advance.
Sietske Tol