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Local Plant Club Mailing Lists

>Add Toronto to the list of cities which have "local" groups, although in our
>case at least, we have "members" from quite some distance away as well as
>the metro area. (Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Bannocburn, the Hamilton-Niagra
>region, upper New York state)
>These groups can get a start, or at least a boost, if someone is willing to
>set up a local "mailing list" where issues of local concern can be raised.
>And it always helps to "chat up" folks in your area regarding Internet based
>resources such as the APD. Yesterday, I was in one of my favourite local
>shops here and got to talking with one of the staff whom I had not met
>before. Turns out he's into aquatic plants big time, and has a computer with
>Internet access. But he had never heard of the APD or the local plant group.
>Now he does.... and hopefully, some of his other customers who share the
>interest might find out as well.

I can run a mailing list here for any local plant group that wants one. Anything
to save us from the listbots of this world. Just whistle.

Richard J. Sexton                                         richard at aquaria_net
Maitland House, Bannockburn, Ontario, Canada, K0K 1Y0       +1 (613) 473 1719