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Re: Actinic Light & Potassium Gluconate Tablets

Hey guys.  I've been thinking about the actinic light
some more.  As some of you may know, I have a 50/50
and two Vitalights.  I have been having some problems
with a strange bunch like algae for some time.  I'm
thinking of replacing the 50/50 with a Coralife
Nutri-Grow lamp or another Vitalight. Both are
relatively inexpensive.  I would try a Triton, but I
haven't found one yet.   I'll let you all know if it
makes a difference.  

I have here a container of Sundown potassium gluconate
tablets.  I'm trying these because I think my "calcium
problem" might actually be potassium.  They are not
pure K. The support ingredients are cellulose croscar-
mellose sodium and magnesium stearate.  Stearate? 
This is the purest form of potassium I could find. 
Are the other ingredients safe?  

If they are ok, should I mash them up, or allow one to
disolve?  They contain 99mg of potassium per tablet.
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