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>Subject: Outright and Karen
>A couple of weeks ago I wrote asking about Outright Aquarium Polish.
>Karen Randall said it was available through Python, but searching their
>web page I did not locate it and they have ignored my email twice.  My
>quest of the beloved Outright polish remains.  (and for those of you
>that have never tried it, I highly recommend it and if you have kids who
>leave fingerprints on the glass, doubly so).   Is there someone here who
>can give me another boost?  Karen, are you there, can you hear me?   I
>want my Outright.

I'm back again (off and on)  I've been very busy, and tend to read the APD
in "clumps", and not always in order.  If I get _really_ behind in reading
them, I sometimes <gasp> delete a few without reading them at all.<g>

I'm still pretty sure that I've seen Outright with the Python display in
Ray Lucas' stuff at various conventions.  But I pulled out one of my
bottles, and it says it is produced by:

The Bramton Co.
P.O. Box 655450
Dallas TX 75265

I know I saw some in one of our local pet stores just the other day, so it
would seem it is still being marketed.  I hope so, otherwise I will start
guarding the two bottles I have left with my life!<g>