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Diana Walstad's Book

Roger wrote:

>I wonder what proportion of the APD readers use chelated iron in their
>tanks.  I'll guess that most of us do and that many of us use it without
>algae problems that can be attributed to the iron.
>> Comments or thoughts, anyone???

I routinely maintain iron levels that test as about .5 mg/L.  I know other
people report algae problems with iron levels this high.  But not only does
it not cause algae problems in my tanks, I see clear signs of iron
deficiency if I allow levels to reamian much lower than this for any length
of time.  I'm not disputing other people's observations, but I think it's
another one of those things where there's more to the story than meets the eye.

>Ms. Walstad's point here is very interesting, but it's a point that I
>think may be more relevant to her soil-based approach than it is to some
>other successful methods.  There are other places in her book where I
>found her ideas to be very interesting and well thought out, but difficult
>to factor into more general aquarium-keeping methods.

I agree.  I'm not sure I agree with all of Diana's conclusions, and I
prefer methods other than those she proposes for my own purposes.  But the
book presents a tremendous amount of excellent, well documented, thought
provoking material, laid out in a clear, business-like manner.