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Local Plant Groups

James wrote:

>Here! Here!
>Add Toronto to the list of cities which have "local" groups, although in our
>case at least, we have "members" from quite some distance away as well as
>the metro area. (Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Bannocburn, the Hamilton-Niagra
>region, upper New York state)
>These groups can get a start, or at least a boost, if someone is willing to
>set up a local "mailing list" where issues of local concern can be raised.
>And it always helps to "chat up" folks in your area regarding Internet based
>resources such as the APD. Yesterday, I was in one of my favourite local
>shops here and got to talking with one of the staff whom I had not met
>before. Turns out he's into aquatic plants big time, and has a computer with
>Internet access. But he had never heard of the APD or the local plant group.
>Now he does.... and hopefully, some of his other customers who share the
>interest might find out as well.

I think it would be great if everyone who is involved with a local planted
tank group would post a contact person and E-mail address here on the APD.
Post it to this message header, so that they can all be found in the
archives if someone goes to look later on.

Also, if you'd like your local group to get some press in TAG (publication
of the Aquatic Gardeners Association) E-mail my off-list with the details
of how local AGA'ers can get in touch with your group, and I'll see that it
gets in TAG.  If you'd also like the information posted on the AGA web
site, I'm sure we can arrange that as well!

Oh, and if you are in the great Boston area, you can contact me about
information on the Boston Aquarium Society.  We are a general aquarium
club, but we have a very strong plant contingent, and LOTS of "plant stuff"
going on! (which is why we probably don't feel the need for a local
"specialty" club".