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RE: Local Plant Groups

Karen wrote:

> It's not impossible to start a local group either as a general aquarium
> club or as a planted tank club.  There are young, vital aquatic
> plant clubs
> in both San Francisco and Vancouver.  There's a brand new group
> just formed
> in Madison Wisconsin.

Here! Here!

Add Toronto to the list of cities which have "local" groups, although in our
case at least, we have "members" from quite some distance away as well as
the metro area. (Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Bannocburn, the Hamilton-Niagra
region, upper New York state)

These groups can get a start, or at least a boost, if someone is willing to
set up a local "mailing list" where issues of local concern can be raised.

And it always helps to "chat up" folks in your area regarding Internet based
resources such as the APD. Yesterday, I was in one of my favourite local
shops here and got to talking with one of the staff whom I had not met
before. Turns out he's into aquatic plants big time, and has a computer with
Internet access. But he had never heard of the APD or the local plant group.
Now he does.... and hopefully, some of his other customers who share the
interest might find out as well.

James Purchase