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Subject: Re: Karen's NEC Convention a NorthEast-South west Bias

> Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 16:38:29 -0600
> From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
> Subject: Re: Karen's NEC Convention a NorthEast-South west Bias
> > Pleeeease don't give us the "Helloooo!  This is the NORTH EAST Aquarium
> > Council's convention" excuse.  So what!?  Isnt it still COLD up there in
> > Connecticut in March?  What can you N.Easter's possibly offer Claus' up
> > there that he can't get at home in Denmark?  I'm not saying you are going
> > to freeze him up there,  but in Florida,  you could offer him ... BEACH!
> > ...... MOUSELAND! ....Not to mention tours of the operation's of the South
> > Florida growers.  Don't you think Claus can use a little "REAL full
> > spectrum" sunshine  instead of being cooped up under
> > "convention-hall-Chroma 50's" during his entire visit?  I hope Claus makes
> > this an issue before his next visit! :-D
> You forgot to mention $4.99-All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet's in Florida......
> <g>
> Or has inflation hit those too?
> James Purchase
> Toronto
He'll get to see the highest gas taxes and very likely prices in the US and visit the state that has the highest per capita income (except for possibly Alaska). He may want to make a bid on Mike Tyson's mansion while he's here also! We also have some of the oldest historic buildings in the US. It would be great for all the people that don't know what a fall in New England is like if it were held at the end of September or beginning of October !

(As far as all you can eat buffets...ever been to Captain John's in Virginia Beach? You haven't seen a REAL all you can eat buffet until you do,  not for $4.99 though). 

Bob Buettner-looking forward to the NEC convention-my check is in the mail -see ya all  there!
Born and raised in Farmington CT
Now in the Northwest CT