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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #89

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<< I am in the process of trying to determine what sort of lighting to put 
 my 120gal.   My plan is for an 'almost optimum aquarium' -- e.g.  no heating 
 cables, but will have co2 and plenty of lights.   It seems easy to find info 
 on Co2 requirements, etc.  but lighting appears to be less straight forward. 
 So... my question is what is the suggested lighting for this size tank.  
 Dimensions are 4'L x 2'W x 2'H.  I am assuming metal halides (x2) with 
 magnetic ballast and spider reflectors  but what wattage is unclear.  Money 
 is not the issue with the halides (all wattages are of similar cost).   
 like to hear opinions from those with similar setups who have had good 
 Will Kimbro >>

Heya.. I have the same tank as yours.. and Im in the process of getting two 
metal halide fixtures, 175 watt each.  The tank is deep, so you need more 
lighting than a tank with a shorter deepness.   The fixtures Im getting are 
being built by the guy who sold me the tank. They are going to be like 
pendant MH fixtures, but diffrently shaped (more rectangular) and are going 
to be suspended above the tank (about 8-10 inches or so above the water) by 
swing arms which can be moved for maintenence.  There will be no cover on the 
Hope this helps you- feel free to email me