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RE: Profile vs pumice

> James Ourdhase quotes Shultz:
> > "The Clay Soil Conditioner and Aquatic Plant Soil are both 100%
> arcillite
> >  clays mined from various sites in the southern United States. Both are
> >  kiln-fired in extremely high heat (up to 1400 degrees F) ovens
> that turn
> >  the clay granules into porcelain like materials with thousands of tiny
> >  pore spaces,which hold water, air and nutrients.
> So what makes this stuff functionally different than pumice, which is
> basically a natural form of "sintered glass" ?
> Bob Dixon

I don't know Bob, other than perhaps one is manufactured (fired in a kiln)
and the other is natural (fired in a volcano).

Last September, you posted a few times about your efforts at making am
"Amano-style" substrate, using a mixture of pumice and peat. Did you
continue with that line of thought? I'd be interested in hearing how it went
(or is going).

James Purchase