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Re:Profile Aquatic Plant Soil

 On Fri, 4 Feb 2000 Ilkka Kallio wrote;
>I set up a 40G tank with it. For a bottom layer I mixed a 1 inch layer of
about 3 parts Profile + 1 >part loamy soil from my garden + 2 parts
Vermiculite (by volume). I put in a small amount of pond Tabs. On top of
that I put a 1/2 inch layer of profile mixed with a handful of finely
chopped filter peat. The top layer is plain Profile.

>Bob Ashcraft responded with the proverbial Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS),
well he did not say Stupid!!)

I have to agree, my 29g heavily planted tank was set up going on 4 years
now!  couple inches of Profile and a couple of inches of small gravel on
top.  Anything still grows in it very well provided I am paying any
attention to this tank, which I really don't.  I have 80w chroma 50s and
trichrominics (sp?) and occasionally add DIY Co2 and JOBS or other root-tabs
if after I re-vamp it and I think it will help the plants get a jump-start.
After that it's self-sustaining.  Right now the substrate is rich from mulm
etc.. and expect it gives off enough Co2 to keep things going.  I will
change the water every couple of months and add a tsp of Kents or PMDD which
ever is handy and it looks great, fish are doing well the tank.  This tank
is no hassle unlike my 125g  High-Tech, Duplarized, UGH cables, compressed
Co2, MH PMDD, too many controllers,  plumbed into my house, very heavily
planted discus tank.  But after being into planted tanks about 5 years, it
all seem easy now. Took me long enough!  But that's another story.