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At 03:48 AM 2/11/2000 -0500, Ryan Mills <millsman7 at yahoo_com> asked:
>>nitrates-0 (until I added some nitrate of soda),  3watts/gal, diy yeast
>I have been using RO Right in the lower recommended
>ammount in distilled and/or Tap Water Purifier water.
>1.  calcium deficiencies.... What is a good source for it? 

I would recommend adding a well scrubbed oyster shell or other marine shell
(clam, scallop) from your local seafood or sushi place) to your tank.   If
the Ca gets too high, take it out.

>2.  An undefeatable thread-like algae. 

That's what you get from all that light and phosphate.   Try ditching the
chemicals you don't know why you are putting in there.   Try to keep just
barely detectable nitrates (5ppm??).  And try to get a ton of potassium in
there (30ppm or more).   Then remove the thread algae daily as best you
can.   You will win.  You have plenty of light, just make sure the CO2
keeps coming.  You might want to consider a micronutrient supplement as
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