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Re: Riccia

> The worst thing happens when your Riccia starts to mutate (see the
> similarities?) Some of the Riccia will turn a horrible dark green. This kind
> of Riccia will not float. Neither will it bubble. It will just look ugly.

I have a Riccia like plant, that is dark green, never floats and has a
somewhat different "leaf" pattern. I'm not really sure what to call the
parts of a liverwort, I know they aren't really leaves, but where Riccia
is more stick like this is wider and somewhat ruffly, though they are
still small. It's a slow growing plant and I haven't really gotten it to
do well in other tanks, it doesn't seem to like too much light. I've had
several people I've given starts to be able to get it going in other low
light tanks though. I don't think it looks ugly though, I think it's
really cool. 

I got it by a chance encounter with a bird person. They told me it just
started growing on a piece of wood they had bought for their tank. I've
got it in a 10 gallon with just the standard hood. The only other plants
in the tank are an Amazon sword and Crypt nevillii, and the top is
covered with Salvinia, giant duckweed and duckweed. I do have a piece of
wood in it and the fish are Epiplatys dageti. Unfortunately I don't have
a photo of it on my site, which I should do I suppose. And no one has
been able to tell me what the name of the plant may be. Anyway are you
sure you just don't have a different species mixed in there?