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<< A couple of weeks ago I wrote asking about Outright Aquarium Polish.
 Karen Randall said it was available through Python, but searching their
 web page I did not locate it and they have ignored my email twice.  My
 quest of the beloved Outright polish remains.  (and for those of you
 that have never tried it, I highly recommend it and if you have kids who
 leave fingerprints on the glass, doubly so).   Is there someone here who
 can give me another boost?  Karen, are you there, can you hear me?   I
 want my Outright.
Hello Mark.. I have a bottle (almost empty) of the stuff and I do have to say 
it is a great product!   I got it about 3 yrs ago at a petsmart.
Have you tried to see if outright has a web site or email addy?
I looked at the back of my bottle and all it provided was a snail mail 
The Bramton Company
Customer service
P.O. Box 655450
Dallas, Texas 75265-5450
I dont know if this is old news to you, but hopefully it isnt :)
I even looked through all my aquaria related mail order catalogs, and it 
wasnt listed in them. (didnt find it in the python section, neither)   
There was a product put out by coralife called 'glass cleaner/polisher' .. on 
the description it says- it cleans the exterior glass to a brilliant 
shine/with continued use, it will repel dust and resist water spots and 
fingerprints- which sounds just liek the outright... 
Mabye, just maybe, it was sold to coralife instead of python??  I dont know, 
but mabye you could give the coralife stuff a shot and see if it's the same 
or contact coralife and ask them. I think their site is www.coralife.com.
Hope this helps you