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NEC Convention

For those of you who have not yet heard, The North East Council of Aquarium
Societies 25th Annual Convention is fast approaching.  March 17-19th to be
exact, at the Marriot Hotel in Farmington Connecticut. (just outside of
Hartford)  The Aquatic Gardeners Association will also be meeting at the
convention.  We will have an AGA busines meeting starting at 1:30 on
Friday, the 17th, followed by a program on Aquatic Plant literature
presented by Lee Finley.  

AGA has also sponsored Claus Christensen of Tropica in Denmark to make his
second U.S. appearance.  Claus will be doing two different lectures during
the course of the weekend.  One will be on collecting aquatic plants, while
the other topic is still TBA.  As usual, there is a terrific line up of
other speakers as well.  The convention is well known for the wonderful
selection of rare fish and plants that go though the auction.  

This will be an awesome opportunity to meet a number of the familiar names
on the APD and in the wider "plant world" as well.  I'll be there, as will
Erik and Kathy Olson, Dave Gomberg, Neil Frank, Merrill Cohen and Dorothy
Reimer.  Other AGA management people who are planning on attending are Mary
McCaw, our new editor, David Lass our new treasurer, and Jack O'Leary, our
membership chair.

If you are interested, E-mail me off list, and I will send you an
electronic copy of the registration flyer.