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RE: Profile "recipe"

> I've been reading about Profile on this mailing group for about the last
> week so finally last night I went to the local Home Depot to find some.
> Could someone let me know what the full product
> name, including stock number is?

Profile is now marketed by Shultz. (http://www.schultz.com/main.html). Look
under "Products", and then "New for 2000".

This is directly from Shultz (via rec.aquaria.aquatic-plants):

"The Clay Soil Conditioner and Aquatic Plant Soil are both 100% arcillite
clays mined from various sites in the southern United States. Both are
kiln-fired in extremely high heat (up to 1400 degrees F) ovens that turn
the clay granules into porcelain like materials with thousands of tiny
pore spaces,which hold water, air and nutrients. Though both are made from
the same initial ingredient, they are screened differently, so the Clay Soil
Conditioner contains larger granules than the Aquatic Plant Soil. Both
are permanent products that won't break down in soil or water."

> > In San Jose, Ca still searching for the right Profile
> > substrate recipe...

What recipe? Who needs a recipe..... put a layer in the bottom of your tank,
cover it with the gravel of your choice, or use just 100% Profile.... there
should be no need for a complicated set of "ammendments" to it.

Profile sounds a LOT like Flourite.... at least to me.... except perhaps for
the form factor and color...

James Purchase