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Cats (feline, not piscine)

>When your cat drinks out of the fish tank you should find out why.
>Make sure it has a bowl full of fresh, room temperature water.  Cats usually 
>don't like cold water and may like the warmer temperatures of your heated 
>tanks.  Some cats like running water, watch to see if your cat drinks the 
>flowing water from the filter; if so, you can either a)  make sure your cat 
>has fresh water or, b) look up a cat online site and buy a freshwater maker 
>for your cat (or make it yourself, it's basically a whisper or aquatech type 
>filter attached to a bowl, plug it in and voila!!)

The cats crystal bowls here ans washed twice a day and refilled with room
temperatire water from a Brita. Short of giving them Schwepps soda
water and Roses lime cordial they drink better than most humans.

>Are you sure your cat is after the water?  It may be after the fish.  

They'll drink from a bucket of yellow aquarium water with a brown
sediment although they seem to prefer green water.

A part of the river in our backyard is so fast moving that
it never freezes. They'll drink from that too.

I just figure they like the different flavours.

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