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RE: C50 vs. Vita lites

On Wed,  9 Feb 2000 Richard J. Sexton wrote;
> The difference between the $27 Vita Lites and the $8 GE Chroma 50
> is so small it's not worth bothering about.
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> Richard J. Sexton                                         

I've put vita Lites and Chroma 50's side by side and there was no noticeable

I also have Chroma 50's and Phillips Colortone 50's side by side and the
Chroma's look gray compared to the Colortone's.  The Colortone's seem to
retain their intensity for a longer period of time too.  If I remember
correctly, they cost the same.  In fact the last time I bought tubes, I
ordered Chroma's and they substituted the Colortone's for some of them.

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh, PA