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Re: Cats around fish tanks

> I would, however, watch the cat.  You don't want it falling into the tank,
> knocking anything chemical into the tank, or getting bitten or dragged into

Ok, I have to share this one.  Definitely one for stupid cat tricks (and 
stupid human tricks too!).    My cats LOVE to sleep on the wooden hood
on my 75g tank.  The lights keep it nicely warm.   Well,  I was recently
putting a new background on the tank, so I removed the hood to make it 
easier to reach the back of the tank.  I was just about done, just
reinstalling the overflow for the wet/dry.  I noticed the larger of my
cats sitting on the bookcase next to the tank.  I didn't think much of
it, as they love to watch whenever I'm working on the tanks.  Out of the
corner of my eye, I see the large cat (15lbs, active tomcat) jumping onto
(into) the tank!  For a split second, I hoped he would be graceful enough
to have his feet land on the edges of the tank.  I actually had enough
time to see his front feet going into the tank.  Without thinking, I 
grabbed the cat before he went all the way into the tank.  Needless to
say, he wasn't very happy.  His claws dug in VERY DEEPLY into my hand
and arm.   I flung the cat away from the tank, and away from my body,
and ran to the sink.  I've got several scars on my hand that will
be with me for years!  It was quite a site.