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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #82

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<<  I searched the archives of the APD for "Substrate
 Gold", and here are some comments from people who have -

Thanks for the info on the substrate gold.. 
I would like to go with flourite as the number one choice, but it is so 
expensive!  Especially when considered I'm going to need at least 100 lbs of 
gravel.. I would guess. 
The stuff is like 13 bucks a bag(15lbs) in mail order catalogs, and they 
charge for shipping the weight as well. 
And in the pet shop, flourite is (I'm guessing) probably about 20 bucks a 
bag.. really adds up.
So I was looking for a good quality substitute.  I'm still going to look for 
that profile stuff and take a look at it.. if I dont like it, then I'll go 
with substrate gold/gravel. 
Thanks for your responses.