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Aquarium Photos for your Enjoyment

My son finally returned the camera to me and I shot a roll of film of one of 
my aquaria. It's a 40H meant to be low-maintenance, so the planting is not 
complex or unusual. There is a clump of micranthemum which amazingly 
grows out of a little cleft in the driftwood about 2" in diameter. It needs 
pruning in the photos. There are further photos of this tank which you can 
access by clicking on the Close-up Photos link.

I also included some shots of fish in the 30 gal aquarium, but it's not ready 
for a major photo shoot. Hopefully soon.

I threw in a vanity page too. What the heck.


Many thanks to all who have answered questions (and asked them) on this 
list. It's been a tremendous help!

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD