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Fluoro tubes

>Does anyone use Nutrigrow tubes? What's been your experience with them?
>How do people rate Nutrigrow vs. PowerGlo vs. PennPlax AquariLux for planted
>tanks? (They are in a similar price range.)
>Do GE Chroma and other commercial (ie, non-"aquarium") tubes come in 24" and

Yup. I have one. The local hardware store in Madoc had to special
order it for me though.

>36" lengths? I seem to have difficulty in finding plant-friendly commercial
>tubes in these lengths.

That's because 90% of all fluoro tubes made are 4'. They come in all
sizes and even shapaes. GE even makes a gro lux type "circline" (round)
tube. The other hot tip for getting lots of light in small spaces
is the U shaped tubes. I can't remember off hand what "flavours"
they come in. What you really want to so is cal GE and get a copy
of their catalog.

Any decend lighting store can get you the oddball stuff.

I tend to stay away from things like PennPLax and their ilk,
they're just repakcaged relabeled bulbs from other manufacturors.

I think Nutrigor is a GS SPX65 and PowerGLo is a "Ultra Bath and Kitchen"
tube (which are good for lots of red light).

Tritons tuibes are made by Thorn who *I think* has GE actually make them.
It's a prety bizarre arrangement.

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