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Cats around fish tanks

When your cat drinks out of the fish tank you should find out why.
Make sure it has a bowl full of fresh, room temperature water.  Cats usually 
don't like cold water and may like the warmer temperatures of your heated 
tanks.  Some cats like running water, watch to see if your cat drinks the 
flowing water from the filter; if so, you can either a)  make sure your cat 
has fresh water or, b) look up a cat online site and buy a freshwater maker 
for your cat (or make it yourself, it's basically a whisper or aquatech type 
filter attached to a bowl, plug it in and voila!!)

Are you sure your cat is after the water?  It may be after the fish.  
Remember... Keep the tank covered if possible (although most cats will find 
out a way to wedge a paw or a tounge where the cut out part is for the 
heater and filter).

I wouldn't worry about the fish..most fish are smart enough to learn the 
difference between humans and cats, hiding from cats and coming to the 
surface to be fed.

I would, however, watch the cat.  You don't want it falling into the tank, 
knocking anything chemical into the tank, or getting bitten or dragged into 
the tank (I've heard a story of a cat messing with a fully grown oscar and 
getting drug in!!)  Also, definetly keep the cat away if you add any 
chemicals that are dangerous to people (although your cat probably won't 
drink enough of the diluted chemical to get sick)
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