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PMDD variations

Hi folks,

I am about to mix another batch of PMDD, and I have a few questions I hope 
you folks can help me with.

I have a very coarse version of K2SO4.  It was very hard to dissolve and 
tended to precipitate again from the solution (either that or I was never 
able to dissolve it that well), so it kept clogging the nozzle of my PMDD 
squirt bottle before.  I'm thinking of skipping that ingredient this 
time.  I would like to make up for it by adding more KNO3, since my nitrate 
was always measuring 0 anyway.  How much KNO3 should I add to add enough K 
to replace the K2SO4?  And am I right to assume that the S is not really 
needed, but just there as a carrier?

Also, what are the effects of having too much Mg?  Isn't Mg often a 
component of hardwater?  And if I have hard water, should I still use that 
much MgSO4?  Is MgSO4 still needed if I use the Microplex trace element mix 
(it contains 5.4% Mg).


Hoa G. Nguyen
Freshwater Planted Aquarium: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/2637/