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E. tenellus

>Actually it depends on how its grown and if it was grown submerged or
>emmersed, at least from my own observations. I got some tenellus that was 8
>to 10" tall, obviously grown emmersed. Once submerged, it sent out runners
>with plants of normal size.

Good point. I had some once that took over a 5 gallon tank
and obitrated everything and grew to be about 6" tall.

I trimmed it seevrely and it died back something awful;
two months ago I swear I'd lost it as all I had was
a few green/brown clumps, but it's coming back now.

I'm really not fussy on it - it looks like val. I like
tghe quad much better, it looks like what you think
a "pygmy chainm sword" should.

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