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Fluoro bulbs

>Hi all, 
>      It's time to change my bulbs again and I was wondering if anyone has
>a combination that they're willing to recommend. I had 3 GE Chroma 50's but
>felt that the tank was a little too pink. I have also had bulbs that made
>it seem too yellow or too blue. What are some good combos? And, what about
>mixing a cool white in with other more specialized bulbs? Has anyone tried
>anything like this? Thank you all.

Something is wrong here. Chroma 50's look blueish, Wide spectrum Goir Lux
look pink.

I use half and half on the theory that while the C50 emulates noon day
tropical sunlight (according to GE) my crypts to better (ie have better
colors, brown not green) when I add more red light. My off the cuf
explanation for this is, plants in the wild don't get noon dasy
sun all day long they get red ad not much blue at dawn and dusk.

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