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Fluorescent lights

Does anyone use Nutrigrow tubes? What's been your experience with them?

How do people rate Nutrigrow vs. PowerGlo vs. PennPlax AquariLux for planted
tanks? (They are in a similar price range.)

Do GE Chroma and other commercial (ie, non-"aquarium") tubes come in 24" and
36" lengths? I seem to have difficulty in finding plant-friendly commercial
tubes in these lengths.


> Use the Vita lite brands. Pricy but great, better reviews than URI. 10K
> bulbs don't do well for plants BTW. Color looks nice though. You'd be better
> off going lower than higher in color temp or a mix but there aren't that
> many commercial choices with VHO's. Vita's are the best for plants IMO.
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr