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Onyx & URI tubes

HI Tom,

>  I think
> they are trying to make a layering effect but after some time of replants
> and other tank maintenance this breaks down.

Not sure I understand what you mean by layering effect. Would you please explain, is this a benefit or deficit?

> Use the Vita lite brands. Pricy but great, better reviews than URI. 10K
> bulbs don't do well for plants BTW. Color looks nice though. You'd be better
> off going lower than higher in color temp or a mix but there aren't that
> many commercial choices with VHO's. Vita's are the best for plants IMO.

I was not aware that Vitalite had a 60" tube. Can you tell me where you have seen them, or where I can get more info on them. The kit I plan on purchasing does not offer option of any other tubes, beside the URI. So I guess I will have to take the good with the bad. 10,000K , that is high, yes. I have heard that Tritons are good tubes and they have a rating of 10,000K?

Always learning, for the APD people. Thank you all for your help, now and in the past.

Your Friend,

RAY Simoneaux