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Re: onyx

>From: Ray Simoneaux <rjsimoneaux at home_com>
>Subject: Re: Onyx
>Hello all,
>Been lurking lately, and now I have two questions.
>I had been waiting for the Black Flourite to come out, but got tired of waiting.
>Then i saw that Seachem had come out with Onyx gravel, so I bought it as a
>substitute. Well upon receiving it, I am a bite concerned about it. The size is
>very irregular, from the size of  4 mm to the size of sand. Also it seems to be
>rather sharp edged. well Has anyone else tried it? Will this harm the barbells of
>say a clown loach?

It is big eh? I can say it hasn't hurt the Cory's whiskers. Haven't found
the Flourite has done any damage either to cory's or loaches., but haven't
had clowns in the onyx Gravel. Don't care for it myself. The sand is great
but it is too small IMO. 2-3mm and round is what we need SeaChem! I think
they are trying to make a layering effect but after some time of replants
and other tank maintenance this breaks down. One size fits all would be
better. I use RFUG on the sand but it's too soon to tell how it's doing yet.
I did not care for the gravel but it would be nice for other fish tanks. 
>Next I am about to purchase a VHO system. The one I am interested in is by
>Champion Lighting Supply, it is a Icecap Ballast with URI Tubes. Has anyone use
>them in planted aquarium and how do they work? I planned on using URI 10,000K
>tubes, are they good for planted Aquaria. The K seems a bite high, what do you

Use the Vita lite brands. Pricy but great, better reviews than URI. 10K
bulbs don't do well for plants BTW. Color looks nice though. You'd be better
off going lower than higher in color temp or a mix but there aren't that
many commercial choices with VHO's. Vita's are the best for plants IMO.
Tom Barr