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CF's; small swords; Randy Carey

>It seems like none of my posts ever get through but maybe this 
>one will.  Does anyone have any experience with using compact 
>flourescents?  Are the screw in types any good for a planted 
>aquarium?  I was thinking of trying them.  This website had some 
>setup suggestions. I was just wondering if it really provided enough 
>light or not.  It would be nice if such a setup did.

They work great. The come in up to 23W sizes at the hardware store.
If you want to spend more you can get much higher wattages from
plaecs like ahsupply.com

>Can anybody out there help me differentiate E. tenellus vs E. 
>quadricostatus (submersed form).

Tenellus looks like a small val. Quad. looks like a tiny amazon swordplant.


>Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 02:08:04 -0500
>From: "Mr. Fish" <mrfish at ix_netcom.com>
>Subject: Tampa Bay Events
>The Tampa Bay Aquarium Society presents Randy Carey, noted author,
>speaker and aquarist, speaking on "the Art of Characins", February 14th
>2000, at the Florida Aquarium in Downtown Tampa.  The meeting starts at
>7 PM.  In addition to the talk by Carey, the Society, which meets the

Don't miss this. Randy is an amazing guy.

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