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T8 ballasts and drinking water

Rod Rote

>I have decided to rebuild a light hood for a 55 gallon tank using
>t8 ballasts.  I'm planning 6x32w 48 inch bulbs.  I am interested
>in something like the "Advanced Electronics" ballast because  they have an
>to be dimmed.

That's a lot of light and  sufficient for a 75 gallon tank. It also puts
your lamps only about 1" apart. I don't think that is a very good idea. I
think I would go with 4 lamps instead.

>(1) Know a source of bulbs?
>(2) Know a source of ballasts?
>(3) Know a control module that I could use to simulate
>dawn and dusk with the dimming feature of these ballasts?

Go to an elecrical supplier that deals in Philips or Advance products. Don't
go without the part number or they will usually sell you the wrong ballast.
The ballast will probably have to be ordered. Ask for the Advance ballast
with one of these part numbers: REZ-2S32 or REZ-3S32. If he just goes in the
back and hands you a ballast that does the "same thing" get real suspicious.
The first is a 2 lamp ballast and the second is a 3 lamp ballast. A search
did not reveal any dimming 4 lamp ballasts. It doesn't mean there aren't any
but I couldn't find any. They should also be able to sell you the Philips
850 or 841 lamps. The lamps are pretty good and and have a CRI of about 86 I
believe. They might even be able to get you the control module you are
looking for but I don't know anything about that. While you are there ask
the price of a box of lamp sockets. If you don't have any it might be
cheaper to buy a bunch rather than in packets of 2 from the hardware store.