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Re: Onyx

Hello all,

Been lurking lately, and now I have two questions.

I had been waiting for the Black Flourite to come out, but got tired of waiting.
Then i saw that Seachem had come out with Onyx gravel, so I bought it as a
substitute. Well upon receiving it, I am a bite concerned about it. The size is
very irregular, from the size of  4 mm to the size of sand. Also it seems to be
rather sharp edged. well Has anyone else tried it? Will this harm the barbells of
say a clown loach?

Next I am about to purchase a VHO system. The one I am interested in is by
Champion Lighting Supply, it is a Icecap Ballast with URI Tubes. Has anyone use
them in planted aquarium and how do they work? I planned on using URI 10,000K
tubes, are they good for planted Aquaria. The K seems a bite high, what do you