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Re: T8 electronic ballast wiring

"David Papas" <dpapas at io_com> sez:
>  ...the left of the ballast are the black and white power leads and two 
>  wires. On the right there are two pairs of red and blue wires, 
>  My understanding from the 2 lamp ballast diagrams I have seen in the past 
>  that each red and blue wire pair connects to one lamp a piece, with one 
>  in the pair connected to one pin on the lamp. The digram for my current 4
>  lamp ballst show these wires connecting 1 to a bulb and, just before
>  connection, splitting into 2 wires ( one for each pin?). 

I can't quite answer your question, but if you have an instant start ballast 
you do connect both lamp pins together.  Otherwise, lamp life is reduced 
approximately in half.  Some T8 endcaps are designed to short the two pins 
together.  A few T8 electronic ballasts are "rapid start" and (from the 
lamp's perspective) you connect a seperate wire to each pin.  But some of the 
wires -- usually yellow -- might be split off to different lamps.

I can't be more specific cuz I don't know what ballast you are using.

Best regards,