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Re: T8 electronic ballast wiring

David Papas at dpapas at io_com wrote:

> Hello all! I've just begun a foray into flourescent fixture building, and
> I've come across a small quandry regarding the wiring diagram present on the
> label.  The ballast in question is a 4 lamp electronic ballst. Thus, from
> the left of the ballast are the black and white power leads and two yellow
> wires. On the right there are two pairs of red and blue wires, respectively.
> My understanding from the 2 lamp ballast diagrams I have seen in the past is
> that each red and blue wire pair connects to one lamp a piece, with one wire
> in the pair connected to one pin on the lamp. The digram for my current 4
> lamp ballst show these wires connecting 1 to a bulb and, just before
> connection, splitting into 2 wires ( one for each pin?). I figured from all
> the talk I've seen in the past regarding custom fixtures someone here has
> dealt with this scenario. What would be the best technique to get this thing
> wired?
> Thanks!
> - -Dave Papas

If you are using the bi-pin "tombstone" end connectors, there are usually
four push-in wire connector holes, two for each pin. The left pair of holes
go to the left pin; the right pair go to the right pin. Just put a short
jumper wire between the two pins using the two inner holes. A red or blue
wire from the ballast is then plugged into one of the other holes. E.g.:

    |           |
    |           |
    |           |
    |           |
    |           |
   | O  O===O  O=====================(red or blue)

(the "===" is the jumper)

Each yellow wire then connects to the opposite ends of two red- or
blue-wired lamps. To get one wire connected to four pins, you can use a
jumper between the pair of tombstomes, like this:

     ___________             ___________
    |           |           |           |
    |           |           |           |
    |           |           |           |
    |           |           |           |
    |           |           |           |
    |___________|           |___________|
   | O  O===O  O=============O  O===O  O=======(yellow)
   |_____________|         |_____________|

Dan Dixon
(not a licensed electrician...use of above instructions may void your
homeowner's insurance :)