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T8 electronic ballast wiring

Hello all! I've just begun a foray into flourescent fixture building, and
I've come across a small quandry regarding the wiring diagram present on the
label.  The ballast in question is a 4 lamp electronic ballst. Thus, from
the left of the ballast are the black and white power leads and two yellow
wires. On the right there are two pairs of red and blue wires, respectively.
My understanding from the 2 lamp ballast diagrams I have seen in the past is
that each red and blue wire pair connects to one lamp a piece, with one wire
in the pair connected to one pin on the lamp. The digram for my current 4
lamp ballst show these wires connecting 1 to a bulb and, just before
connection, splitting into 2 wires ( one for each pin?). I figured from all
the talk I've seen in the past regarding custom fixtures someone here has
dealt with this scenario. What would be the best technique to get this thing

-Dave Papas