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Re: Is it safe?

Mike G. asks...

>I have a 27 gallon flatback (the back is straight and the front is 3
>sided).  Because of this, my doublestrip hood sits to the back and covers
>only the sides of the tank.  If you can envision it, this leaves an opening
>at the top towards the front of the tank.  I actually like this because
>most of the tank is covered, but it allows an opening for flowering plants
>to grow out of the water.  Anyway, to get to the crux of all this diatribe.
> I have a cat who loves to jump up and perch on top of the hood.  While
>amazingly he doesn't bother the fish, he does like to drink the water.  I
>am using the German product Aqualine Ferreal & Floreal for water column
>fertilizer.  Does anybody have any opinions or fact as to whether it may or
>may not be harmful for my cat to drink from the tank water?

The fertilizer should be as beneficial to the cat as it is to the
plants, especially if the former is suffering from chlorosis. One
caution applies. You may find yourself trimming its nails more often
than in the past. This situation can be ameliorated by discouraging
the cat from sleeping in sunlit locations as it is wont to do.


Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca