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Re: Fertilizer

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<< First, go read the Plant FAQ on the KRIB
 (http://faq.thekrib.com/plant.html). This covers the basics of caring for
 plants in aquariums. Once you have read the FAQ and feel that you are ready
 for more advanced material, go to the main Aquatic Plants section of the
 KRIB (http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/). Don't skip reading the FAQ first -
 you sound like a beginner and will need to start at the beginning if you are
 to avoid getting confused.
 Above all - avoid advice too freely given, such as "I use this product..."
 and assume that you should too. Unless you have at least a basic
 undertanding of what is going on in that glass box full of water you are
 only asking for trouble. Reading the material on the two sites I've given
 will get you on the right road from the start.
 Good luck,
 James Purchase
 Toronto >>

Yah, I always forget, but I shouldve mentioned that I dont have web access 
right now.. :(
And yes, I am a beginner with plants.  Ive been keeping just fish (FW) for 
ten years, and gave the plants a go once or twice in the past but didnt do 
any research onthem beforehand. This time I want to do it right in my 120G 
I was just wondering what Jobes were and the other types of fertilizer 
mentioned here.