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Re: Spawnings Everywhere (now with no connection to planted aquaria)

Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 18:16:56 -0800
From: "lsaezcoclarke" <lsaezcoclarke at yahoo_com>
Subject: Re: Spawnings Everywhere
>I have not bred anything yet but going to try soon. So my questions are,
>what do you do with all these fries? Do you let them grow and breed them?
>so, isn't this inbreeding? Isn't  inbreeding reduces the quality of a
>species? Is is safe to buy a male and female fish at the same time at a LFS
>and breed them? What are the chances that the male and the female fish are
>siblings? I don't want to breed  fish that are siblings...so if anyone has
>info please enlighten me.
>Sorry for many questions but they've been hunting me for quite some time

Unless you have an intensive breeding program going, it will probably be
many years before you run into any real problem.  In Discus, for instance,
the detrimental effects of the increased homozygosity that results from
inbreeding usually starts to show up in the sixth generation of inbreeding
and is evidenced by reduced size, deformities and/or less resistance to
disease.  It then usually only takes one outcross to increase your strain's
heterozygosity enough to overcome these problems.

I don't believe you'll never know with any reliability the coefficient of
inbreeding for any two fish you get from the LFS.  But if you really want to
worry about inbreeding you're going to have to worry about a lot more than
siblings -- father/daughter, mother/son, paternal half sibs, maternal half
sibs, sire/grandaughter, dam/grandson, first cousins, etc., etc., etc.  Even
at one common ancestor four generations back you get a coefficient of .78%,
probably nothing to loose sleep over, unless, perhaps, you happen to be
inbreeding upon a major polygenic trait connected with dominance and thus
not of high heritability (and there's always this chance).  ;-)

Kim Bryant
kbryant at localnet_com

Kim Bryant
kbryant at localnet_com

Lorelei Saez Co-Clarke
British Columbia, Canada