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Re: Spawnings Everywhere

> >From: Karen Randall <krandall at world_std.com>
> >Subject: Spawnings Everywhere
> ...
> >Much cooler as far as I'm concerned was the surprise I found in the 125G.
> >I've got a bunch of baby Columbian red fin tetras in there!  They are big
> >enough to be recognizable, but still look like they might be munching
> >for my Angels, so I hope I didn't remove too much cover for them.
> >
> >There's something to be said for a little healthy disarray in the planted
> >tank!<g>

>~ From: Kim Bryant

> I've found that if I let some pearlweed (Hemianthus micranthemoides) go it
> will form a dense column of tiny leaves over a foot tall in a short time.
> The Lemon Tetras will wiggle their way into this mass to spawn and it's
> apparently dense enough to capture some of the eggs and keep them from
> getting sucked into the filter.  The baby Lemons that eventually emerge
> few but cute as can be.  I rank them right up there with baby Cory Pandas
> my cuteness scale, so let the pearlweed get out of control every few

Hello all!
I'm a newbie (hope i did this posting right).
I have not bred anything yet but going to try soon. So my questions are,
what do you do with all these fries? Do you let them grow and breed them? If
so, isn't this inbreeding? Isn't  inbreeding reduces the quality of a
species? Is is safe to buy a male and female fish at the same time at a LFS
and breed them? What are the chances that the male and the female fish are
siblings? I don't want to breed  fish that are siblings...so if anyone has
info please enlighten me.
Sorry for many questions but they've been hunting me for quite some time

Lorelei Saez Co-Clarke
British Columbia, Canada