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Re: Profile

I don't know if this counts, since everyone with exactly two tanks seems
to have a "good" tank and a "bad" tank, but my Profile tank happens to be
my good one.  

Contrary to what someone said, I find root plants do well in it.  
Although I do agree that it's hard to plant small plants (eg, lillaeopsis)  
because of the light texture, once it's in it spreads better than in my
sand/gravel tank.

I didn't use anything else in the substrate--just pure Profile, although I
have needed to fertilize (PMDD plus Jobes) for the past 6 months or so.  
No algae at all now, though I did have outbreaks in the very beginning.  
It's been up for 9 months, and I would encourage anyone else to look
into the stuff.  Cheap, non-messy when moving plants, fairly good-looking,
and basically foolproof for the beginner.  

Oh yeah, I didn't rinse mine before putting it in the tank, but it's got a
lot of dust and that's something you might consider if you move plants an
awful lot or have burrowers.  Once the dust settles down (hours), it's no
problem.  And I imagine you'll have the same problems with mulm later on
anyway.  Your choice.

In sum, very positive Profile experience.

					San Diego, CA