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Re: Slow Growing plants

Quit bragging.
Dakota wrote:
> ...I am trimming back plants every 3 weeks... Way too much maintenance for me!! 

Quit bragging. :)  And then reduce your CO2 and fertilization.  I 
really don't understand when people strive for "optimum growth" 
when that means *lots* of tank maintenence is required.

Generally, stem plants require far more maintenence than others.
So try some of the rosette or rhizome types.  Anubias is fairly
slow growing.  Swords can grow pretty fast, but they're still
fairly low maintenence, because at some point, they just get denser,
not bigger.  Crypts, dwarf sag, and some others also tend to get
denser, not bigger, and can be safely ignored for months.  Bolbitis
is a favorite of mine, and never seems to grow fast enough for me,
and java fern doesn't really grow all that fast either.  (Though it
does grow *huge*.)

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA