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American Flagfish and Hair Algae (& missing cory barbels)

Just wanted to relate my experience with this fish with re: to 
controlling/removing hair algae.

About 6 weeks ago, I found a few females and put them in a 20 gallon where I 
was battling hair algae. They seemed to help in making headway on it. I even 
noticed them having a tug-of-war with pieces entwined in java moss and rasp 
at the wall. (Unfortunately, they also brought in ick, which brought on the 
aquarisol, which killed off all sign of hair algae, as well as plants). All 
in all, the females do well in helping to control this algae. Though not 
schooling fish, they seem to hang together more than my *schooling fish*. 
They eat constantly, which is helpful if you've got hairy algae.

OTOH, I found a few males a few weeks ago in a fish store. All but one looked 
in sorry shape, so I brought all 4 home. After a short quarantine period, I 
put the healthiest and largest in the 55 gallon, where I also have hair 
algae. One by one, as their fins healed up and they appeared to revive, I put 
them in the 55 gallon. They also eat the algae, except not as diligently as 
the females. And unlike the females, except for initially, they do not seek 
companionship with the other flagfish, and instead nip at fins, as well as 
every other fish in the tank. The largest (and prettiest) is especially 
aggressive, and will go after any fish, regardless of size. From guppies to 
gouramis, all are fair game, and everyfish's tail is ripped up. Obviously 
he's more intent on harrassing than eating algae.

All in all, I'd say that female flag fish are very helpful in controlling 
hair algae. They're not as pretty, but a definite asset in the tank. 

I have 6 corys in this tank. Of these, about half are missing their barbels. 
This may sound ludicrous, but I am wondering if it is possible for the 
flagfish to (remove?) the barbels on these fish in the same manner they're 
ripping at tails on the other fish. The flagfish eat off the bottom, same as 
the corys and I've noticed them almost head-to-head scrounging for food. I do 
not have sharp gravel in this tank, and never noticed barbels missing in the 
past. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,