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Correct dosing of Aquarisol in a planted tank

I have to amend my earlier comments and defense of Aquarisol in the planted 

A recent (large) outbreak in a tank due to some unquarantined fish added, 
along with a water change where the temperature was not precisely matched 
necessitated some kind of treatment . . .

There are 2 plants in this tank that have resumed some growth. These 2 plants 
are e. bleheri and ludwigia glandulosa. Other than that, overall the effects 
are somewhat close to disastrous and continues. And though the treatment was 
completed about 3 weeks ago, and the tank has had numerous large water 
changes, the damage to some of the plants continues. I've yet to see any 
growth on some of the plants, and some have developed small holes in the 

When I had used it in the past, I had mainly anubias and a few swords in the 
tank. It didn't appear to have long-term effects on those plants.

The only positive side to Aquarisol as I can see it is it will control 
(eradicate?) hair/thread algae. Unfortunately, I had it down to very 
manageable levels on my own, after a lot of picking, cutting and cleaning, 
and though I'm sure it was present in the tank, there wasn't any visibly 
growing, but every few days on a gravel or two. Now it is completely gone. 

So, until someone compiles a list of impervious and *sensitive* species, it's 
probably best to find some other way to treat ick.