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Re: Another Algae Problem?

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, J. Bennett wrote:

> >Someone else a couple years back asked why all the questions didn't get
> >answered, and Karen Randall replied with a fairly exhaustive list of
> >reasons.  George Booth even made an offer to handle all the outstanding
> >QYNGA (Questions You Never Got Answered).  Maybe he'd be willing to
> >repeat that.
> 	Yes I vaguely remember such an article, it was also published in print was
> it not? In any case, I don't recall ever seeing the article George Booth
> wrote? Do you know where a copy could be found? (George (Mr.Booth:) do you
> have a copy you could send me?)

There were a whole series of QYNGA postings to APD back around Nov., 1997.
I don't know that these were ever capsulized into a single article, though
George may have done that somewhere.

> >You used the PMDD word, so I don't have that much to say.  Just the
> >same...
> Can I ask why? I get the feeling I may have missed some thing.

Well, it isn't like I never respond to questions over PMDD tanks.  I don't
use PMDD, so I figure those questions are generally better left up to
someone who does.

> >> Water Chem.
> >> ph    7.1 +-.1 (does not want to hit 6.8 for some reason)
> >> Kh    6
> >> Gh    5.5
> >> TH    14  (Any ideas on what the extra 2.5 dgh might be? Toronto water)
> >
> >What is TH?
> 	I have a test kit that was given to me and it claims to measure "total
> hardness".
> I was assuming it was both Kh and Gh combined, but the test kit
> consistently measures my water 2 dgh higher then both the Kh and Gh when
> added together.

Odd.  I'd rather depend on the separate GH and KH tests.

> When I tested a test solution (A mixture of a fixed Kh and
> Gh) in comes out right on the money (for the most part at least, give the
> lack of standardized drops). I tested some other water that was some
> distance from Toronto and it resulted in a different variant reading as was
> expected. Could some thing like lime affect the tests? Could there be lime
> in a municipal water system? I never bothered to get a water analysis from
> Toronto (Only been here a couple of years and don't plan on staying all
> that long)

"Lime" contributes to general hardness (aka hardness, total hardness,
calcium-magnesium hardness).  It's normal and present in all but the
softest water.

Roger Miller