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re: Profile

On 3 Feb 2000 Todd wrote:

>>What about Profile, has anyone ever used it?

Greetings Todd,

I became interested in Profile almost two years ago, at which time it seemed 
a number of people on this list had tried and had success with it; these 
accounts can be found within the archives. After locating it at a nearby 
Home Depot I used it in an 85 gallon tank, and have been happy with the 
product, subsequently using it in a few other planted tanks.

It is inert and not imbued with iron as is Flourite, but after reading 
product literature and speaking with a representative from Aimcor, all 
indications are that it possesses a relatively high CEC.

Photos of two tanks using Profile may be found at:


Take care,

Erik Toshiro Leung ~ San Francisco
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