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MTS dying?

I seem to be having problems with MTS in my 75g tank.  I spot very
few of them on the glass at night, and even fewer moving around the
gravel during the day.   I can spot lots of shells on the gravel
surface.  I'm not positive their dead, but they are closed up and
not moving.  Although later, the shells appear to have moved, but 
I don't know if the snails are alive, or if something is pushing
the shells around.

The tank parameters are:  GH=7d, KH=3d, pH=6.8, Ammonia and Nitrite=0
Nitrate is around 10 ppm.  I've been using Seachem Flourish, and recently
started using pmdd, based on Microplex trace mix, with KNO3 and Epson salt
added.  The snail problem has been going on for several weeks (at least,
possibly longer, I didn't really notice the lack of snails..).   The 
substrate is locally collected river gravel/sand from the Platt river,
boiled and well rinsed before it was added to the tank.   All fish in the
tank are doing very well.

In my 29g tank, which uses the same water, but doesn't get CO2 or
fertilizers, I've got tons of MTS.   Breeding and growing as fast
as possible.   

I'm going to pull a bunch of the shells I see sitting on the gravel
out of the 75g, and put them in a container to see if they are still 
alive.  If they are, something is making them pull back into their
shells.  If they are dead, then somethings killing them.  Either way,
I don't have any guesses as to the cause.  I don't have any known
snail preditors.  My fish consist of: Rainbowfish, Cories, Otos, SAEs,
a Farlowella, a Bushy nosed pleco, a couple algae eating shrimp (which
have been alive in the tank for several months now), and a singapore
wood shrimp.