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Re: Light Timer

> From: Rod Hanks
> I bought an Intermatic Light Timer (Model #'s T111C and T311C) and they
> falling behind. I have PC lights over my tanks one of them 110 W and the
> other 27 W. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Another fairly cheap option is a X10 controller. The controller is a
glorified digital clock (with a battery backup) that can remotely control up
to 16 modules through your power lines. Controller is $30 ($20 when on
sale), modules are $12 each. I have one on each Icecap on my tank and use it
to stage the lighting. You can get the stuff at Radio Shack, and many other

For a while, I was using 3 controllers in conjunction with 2 Icecaps and an
Icecap manual dimmer. If you remove power from the dimmer, Icecaps go full
bright. I was using it to stage the lights startup and shutdown cycles to
avoid startling the fish (and keep from blinding me in the dark:)

Jon Wilson