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Light Timer

I use electronic timers/controllers based on X-10 technology.  For $50 or so
you can buy a digital clock that controls 4 devices (the total number of
device names is 256) and 2 appliance modules.  The clock has battery backup
and doubles as an alarm.

They have all sorts of timers, including computer control, for lights and

I have been using this stuff since 1980 and some of my original equipment is
still in use.

There are several sources but the one I use most is www.smarthome.com.
Warning.  If you are a gadget freak like me you can spend a LOT of money at
this site!

Lyndle Schenck

>From: C88gthdr at aol_com
>Subject: Light Timer

>I bought an Intermatic Light Timer (Model #'s T111C and T311C) and they
>falling behind. I have PC lights over my tanks one of them 110 W and the
>other 27 W. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

>Thanks in advance,

>Dan P