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Re: Light Timer

> I bought an Intermatic Light Timer (Model #'s T111C and T311C) and they keep
> falling behind. I have PC lights over my tanks one of them 110 W and the
> other 27 W. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a particular hatred for Intermatic timers.  The last one
I bought took several weeks to settle down, I think because of
poor plastic molding on the little red and green pins.  For a
while there sometimes my lights would work right, sometimes
they wouldn't.  And it seems that Intermatic is the only brand
I can find in local hardware stores.

IceCap makes a great digital timer that will work with any
application.  You have to connect the light to the timer by
cutting off the plug, stripping the ends, and connecting them
to terminals under a plate, so don't do it if you are really
allergic to electrical work, but it is easy to do.

The timer allows for a bunch of on/off settings on various
patterns (which is probably not much good because you
really want to turn the lights on and off once each day and
should do it at the same time every day).  Best of all it has
a battery backup.  It does not forget the on/off settings during
power outages, and the clock keeps accurate time during
outages as well.  It has a clock on the face you can look at,
and unlike an Intermatic timer it will perform its actions at
a predictable time TO THE SECOND.

A little expensive (I think around $50) but would make a
great valentine's present.  It controls a maximum of 1000W
of lighting.