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tank hassles

On reading all the messages on plant digest for the last few months it seems
that we in Australia have aquarium heaven.
Yesterday I decided to set up another tank although small only 200litre for
a new trio of Rainbows that I wanted to spawn.
I walked down the corner grabbed a bucket full of lateritic clay then mixed
it with the gravel I got out of the creek at the end of the road then topped
it up with some of the same gravel that I 1st washed.
then planted it out heavily with 300 or so plants that I trimmed from one of
my 700litre tanks and then grabbed 50 or so crypts from another tank.
Instant breeding tank.
The only problem we have here is our water is too soft but a bit of shell
grit seems so sort that out .
After keeping fish for 35 years and reading all the stories on plant digest
I sympathise with but also congratulate all the people who strive to great
lengths to emulate what we take for granted in our wonderful country.
Must finish this message now and take a walk down to the creek to get some
more plants for my next tank.
From the" Land Down Under"
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